The VJacket is a wearable controller for live video performance. Built into the jacket are bend, touch and hit sensors which you can use to send OpenSoundControl or MIDI messages wirelessly to the VJ program of your choice, letting you control video effects and transitions, trigger clips and scratch frames all from the comfort of your own jacket. The VJacket is an open source Arduino project developed in collaboration with Austrian artist Andreas Zingerle.




DrumPants are a set of pants that enable the wearer to produce drum sounds by hitting various parts of the pants with his hands. The wearer thusly becomes a cyborg musician, his body assuming the roles of both player and instrument, allowing for spontaneous electric hambone solos or even collaborations with other musicians in a band setting on stage, on the street, on the bus, anywhere and anytime!

Watch the Electric Hambone Solo and Learn How to Build DrumPants

WiiJ Video VJ Software

Live Visuals with the Nintendo Wii Remote

video projection

WiiJ Video is custom VJ software for manipulating live 2D and 3D video projections using the Nintendo Wii remote. You can control movie clips, OpenGL graphics and effects using gestures and motion tracking, and also record and loop your gestures for a completely improvised performance.

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The Futurist's War Dream


The Futurist's War Dream is an interactive video and audio piece that pays homage to the Futurists and their relentless obsession with noise.

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Starry Night


Playing around with particle systems in Processing.


Dissembler Website


I play bass in the epic flamenco-metal band Dissembler. The website is an interactive landscape where the user can manipulate objects, trigger events, and change the color scheme based on his mouse movements. Check out the boom box streaming real music!

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Noise Evolution


This video installation lets viewers interact with cellularly-automated avatars of themselves, painting a shifting landscape of multicolored sands with their movements.

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File Flyer


This was my final project for my Computer Science degree. It is a 3D File system Visualization Tool, similar to the Mac OSX Finder but in 3D. It incorporates pseudocoloring and other techniques to help visualize and navigate the file system more efficiently. I plan to work on it further and develop it into a complete usable shell and file browser, hopefully redefining the way people use computers. Please see "File Flyer.doc" or the README for details.

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