The Refleshing, Pt. II


The Refleshing, Pt. II is an exercise in emergent chaos. It pits the same riff against itself 13 times, without any real accurate measure of time. The result is a statistical average of the sound made by a player trying to play along with himself at an undefined, and sometimes wavering, tempo. The more the riff is played, the more the tempo varies and thus the timing of the piece is variable, like the echo of a jagged chamber. It represents the player's struggle in trying to keep up with the ever changing chaos of daily reality, in effect further confusing his immediate actions for other repeated patterns in his environment. The ending is a realization of the fact that not everyone can play on the same beat, wherein enlightenment grabs hold of the player and lifts him far enough above to witness the ever-present beauty of chaos slipping in as mortar between the bricks of individual expression.

The Refleshing, Pt. II (3.4MB MP3)

Between a Shock and a Charred Face (The Joker's Handshake)

This is the result of a game called Molokomesc, where players are all given the same four Reason patches and must construct a complete piece within a short deadline. Being restricted to a certain set of instruments in electronic music is a creative challenge and it really makes the melodies and underlying structural elements very important. Another player, Evil Big Fire, came up with an excellent piece using the same 4 instruments called We Will Be Your Romeos.

Between a Shock and a Charred Face (The Joker's Handshake) (

The Refleshing


This piece illustrates the lonely experience of a salvia user, who gets possessed by the evil spirits of the psychotropic plant and journeys the earth as a zombie under the malicious rule of demons. All the instruments in this piece were twisted from a 30-second sample of two people jumping on a treacherous trampoline.

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The Tradition of Family

The Tradition of Family is only three guitar tracks, even though it sounds like much more. I played percussion on the body of the guitar with my thumb and palm while simultaneously finger-tapping the rhythmic element that is constant throughout the piece. The organ-like sound is a guitar through a very fast delay, leaving only the melody at the end sounding like it was played on a traditional guitar.

The Tradition of Family (5.6MB MP3)

odbol Metal


This website is for my solo project, odbol. It could be classified as epic math metal with political undertones and an emphasis on odd-time melodies with satirical lyrics.

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I play bass in the epic flamenco-metal band Dissembler. The website is an interactive landscape where the user can manipulate objects, trigger events, and change the color scheme based on his mouse movements. Check out the boom box streaming real music!