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I have made various Android apps for VJing on the go. Mobile, or "Guerrilla", VJing is the future of visual performance since it can be done in any space at any time with very little equipment. My guerrilla VJing setup is as follows:

  • Optoma Pico projector (with composite video input)
  • Samsung Galaxy S Android phone [Vibrant] (Galaxy S phones are the only ones I've found with composite TV video out. Some Android phones, like the Motorola DroidX, have HDMI output, but good luck finding a pocket projector with an HDMI input!)
  • The following VJ apps for Android

That's it! The setup is completely handheld and is great when you don't have a power source or don't want to lug your laptop around. I've used the setup with street performing (busking) bands, as a secondary projection onstage at shows, even in the audience: One time, Battlehooch started their set by playing acoustic instruments in the middle of the crowd - and I was right there projecting directly onto the accordion player! After the song we climbed onstage and I started VJing with my full setup on the house projector. It was a great way to start the set.

Pocket VJ

Pocket VJ icon

Pocket VJ is a procedural particle drawing app. Use it to make your own living particle paintings using brushes and effects generated by genetic algorithms. Hook it up to a pico projector using "VJ mode" to create visuals to music at shows, on the street, or in the airplane. This is a must have visuals generator for the mobile VJ, kids, daydreamers, commuters, and anyone looking to "tune in, turn on, and drop out".

  • Particle system with genetically generated brushes, including particle chains, orbital planets, magnetic particles and more. Millions of combinations!
  • Control the particles by tilting the phone
  • Watercolor effect
  • Fractals effect
  • Kaleidoscope symmetry effect
  • Feedback effects
  • Multitouch pinch zoom and pan

Pro Features: (coming soon!)

  • Save and edit your favorite brush presets
  • Create your own palettes from an image file or pictures from your camera
  • Breed new effects and brushes by combining the genomes of two different effects
  • Save screenshots of your paintings and share them
  • OSC control over Wifi

Get it on Google Play

Pocket Looper

Pocket Looper icon

Use this app to VJ with your phone. It will load video files from a folder on your SD card and automatically loop each one.

It has NO visible interface elements, so you can scrub videos or choose new ones using gestures alone, without hinting to your audience that you are using a video player.

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